New Google favicon.

Google just released it's brand new favicon for and other subdomains (eg. as well.

Old one: old google favicon New one: new google favicon

Let's highlight it a bit:
new google favicon

Not that long time ago they have replaced favicon of Google reader too, but basicly they have simply added Google colors there.
Most companies do rebranding from time to time, what worth a note about this change is that thay gave a way the BIG G, and sticked with the googles like 'g'.

Is it just to highlight they are still a search company - regardless all their latest acquisitions: Postini, FeedBurner, Panoramio, Youtube just to mention some -, or is it that they want to change their ongoing 'Big brother / Bad Evil' conversion and they want to keep their friendly face, Google used to be all about after all.

Time will tell.


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